About KAI

Our Mission

KAI analyses conversations in the healthcare value chain. Conversations between Pharma field teams with healthcare professionals, and clinicians with patients. Our mission is to reveal hidden human insight that enabled better conversations and improved health outcomes.

We're passionate about making AI available to everyone for good. If people have better conversations we know they'll have richer human relationships, the right information will be shared and patients will engage better with their treatments.

We want to work with innovators who are unhappy with the status quo, that want to move from analogue to digital.

  • Better Conversations.
  • Improved Health Outcomes.
  • Richer Human Relationships.

Our Story

KAI was born out of a number of frustrations.

  • Many conversations between organisations and customers, produce very little insight.
  • Traditional insight gathering methods are slow, biased and infrequent.
  • AI should be the answer, but most existing solutions are not as actionable as they should be.
  • Most of the expertise dominated by the big tech players.
  • AI should be accessible to all, and it should be purposed for good.

Since then we have...

  • Created a platform that helps participants become more emotionally intelligent.
  • By surfacing previously hidden insights in near real-time analysis.
  • Worked with 8 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical businesses.
  • Began piloting with the NHS to train junior doctors in patient engagement.

Our Team

David Williams

David Williams


David is a customer engagement specialist and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded, invested in, built and sold consulting and SaaS technology businesses in the customer management space. He is passionate about using AI to transform the way organisations understand their customers and improve their interactions with them.

Adam Knights

Adam Knights

Sales Director

Adam has deep sales and marketing experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. He co-founded Neo Health hub, a pharmaceutical sales group focussed on market access to NHS, remote learning and development, and data science, now sold to Pharmalex. He's passionate about transforming patient outcomes through the deployment of technology.

Dr David Naylor

Dr David Naylor

Product Director

David has a PHD in Artificial Intelligence. Over the last 20 years his focus has been customer experience and contact centre and the deployment of technology to enhance them. He has built and deployed numerous AI-based speech and text analytics solutions. His passion is to make AI more actionable and accessible to all.

AI Principles

At KAI, we're interested in using AI for good purposes. In particular, helping people improve their emotional intelligence which results in better conversations, and better outcomes for both parties. Or by helping brands spot trends and patterns in interactions, which can help them improve their products, their services, and the way they interact with their customers.

These principles guide our approach:

Actionable AI to enhance, not replace, humans.

KAI is intended to empower users (front line staff and their coaches) to understand aspects of conversations where emotional connections and disconnections occur. Highlighting strengths and improvement areas. We strive to make these "moments that matter" as accurate, explainable and actionable as possible. KAI works best when human intelligence (of a user or coach) is overlaid.

Remove bias wherever possible.

KAI is designed to remove bias from human evaluation through a data-led approach. But data-sets have inherent bias in them too. We continually strive to remove bias from the underlying data and our models so that they are as accurate across as diverse a population as possible.

Innovation, but not at the expense of privacy.

KAI is driven to innovate in the area of customer/patient engagement, but not at the expense of privacy. We uphold the highest standards of data integrity and privacy. Removing data wherever possible. Anonymising at source and pseudoanonymising at point of ingestion. Privacy by design is in place.